Fairy Tail ‘What If’: Sting and Lisanna



This is a ship that has recently been brought to my attention. I never really thought about it till someone mentioned it as a crack pairing, but I could see this happening if Mashima is SMART! I do like Sting and I do like Lisanna, more than people think that I do, however I do like Natsu and Lucy more, so I apologize ahead of time if I sound mean. It’s just a little editor’s opinion is all.




They’re both the ‘Pepsi’ of Natsu and Lucy

This is just a fact. Both Lucy and Natsu are the main characters in Fairy Tail, which means they should be together because they signs are all there. But with Sting and Lisanna, It’s similar, but not there. There has not been any interaction between the two as far as I know, but I hope later in the GMG’s arc, there would be. Sting is similar to Natsu for obvious reasons. Reason one, he’s a Dragon Slayer. Reason two, He and Lector are BFF, like Natsu and Happy. It’s just too bad for Sting that Lector sucks. I mean, I already feel bad for Wendy having a crappy Exceed, and then Sting goes and has this ‘Hanna Barbara’ knock-off Exceed that’s annoying. He’s the ‘Scrappy-Doo’ of the Fairy Tail franchise. Sting feels for his friend, like Natsu, so that gives him the ability to be a good guy so Lisanna can fall for him, because Mashima has given her the personality of a wet blanket. I have to admit for a small second, I shipped NaLi, like once for like an episode because their childhood was very sweet, however, people move on and its life. Lisanna should have stayed dead and made the story to fight in her honor more plausible. But Mashima decided to bring her back only for shipping wars to rage and for him to troll, because Mashima’s greatest achievement right now is trolling. So since she is alive and Natsu is taken --because he totally is, don’t even try to convince me otherwise. I feel like Sting would be the best option for her, why?? This leads me to point two




He’s single and is on par with Natsu (in a sense)

Yeah, okay, so Sting got trolled along with Rogue, but I think theres more than meets the eye when it comes to Sting. I think Sting will be able to do WAY more than he has been given credit for as of this point in time, and the same goes for Rogue, but we’re not taking about him right now. I’m sure Lisanna thinks that’s a turn on because she’s all into Dragon Slayers that are into friendship. It’s her type, Lucy has the same problem. I think a good way for them to be introduced is that someone mistakes Lisanna for Yukino and Sting tries to go and save his fellow nakama, but then it’s actually Lisanna and then you’re both like ‘I SAW YOUR FACE AND WOW’ to one another. BOOM, they’re cannon. It would actually have to go into a bit more detail than that, but you get the picture.




They’re both cute.

Sting’s pretty hot. I had a fangirl phase for about a week over him. Plus Lisanna is cute and she has a cute personality when Mashima attempts to show it for the whole quarter chapter he has. I think that them being together would give her more character development and a lot of the Lucy fans would start to back off a bit. It’s like her sister, Mira has a lot of personality, and even Elfman, but there is literally NOTHING for Lisanna and I feel bad for her because of that. I believe Sting would be the kind of person to break her out of her shell and she could have more development. Heck, even Max has more development than Lisanna, and she was supposed to be extremely important in Natsu’s life! I think Lisanna is a better little sister to him more than anything and I think Sting would respect that, because he has a soft spot for protecting his friend, even though Lector still sucks.




But what about Yukino x Sting?

Ahh yes, this ship. Basically saying that Yukino and Sting should be together instead. This explanation will veer off for a bit, but it does have a point. The main reason I think Yukino and Sting will never happen is because IMHO, I think Yukino will die. I think because of how big this arc is becoming, someone will die and stay dead, and I think that person is Yukino. I do not think that Mirajane mentioning that Yukino looks like Lisanna was just by chance. I feel like there was a reason for it. Now that people are really attached to Lisanna, he can’t just kill her, so the scapegoat will be Yukino, therefore giving room for Sting and Lisanna to become an item. This is just a small theory of mine, however, it could be easily plausible. If you would like to ask me more about my theory please leave me comments below. I can go into further detail.


This is just a crack ship that has very little evidence to support it, but I think it would make everyone happy. The Nalu fans would be excited knowing that if Lisanna and Sting are together, it’s basically saying Natsu and Lucy are officially cannon, because Natsu with Erza or anyone else is just plain creepy. I do really want this ship to happen because I want to see more for Lisanna, I really, truly do. I think she has been dealt a bad hand when it comes to her character development, and I hope Mashima rectifies the situation. Make this happen, Mashima. You won’t regret it.

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  • Rice

    Interesting argument. A lot of it had to do with parallels to NaLu which, in a sense, helps back up the reason for this crack couple. Personally I don’t see it nor do I want to see it happening though.

    Lol. At all the Mashima trolling things.

  • Mavis Vermilion

    Never thought of them together but now you mention it they do look like a cute couple! :O
    However I like Yukino with Rogue! <3 :D

  • Talmarus

    I think Natsu and Lisanna are better off, I don’t know what in the world makes you believe that Natsu is taken…

    • Tifa

      Its my opinion, and its correct.

      • Chocolate

        That’s like 99.9 % fact. NaLu is pretty much there. All those times he held and went in her bed ;D [even though he's a bit er--- dumb?] it’s pretty clear that they’ll take the spotlight from JerZa and GaLe xD

        • Jaden Uchiha

          Lucy is just a stupid dumb girl. Natsu can’t be with her. he has to be with Lissana.

          • No

            Lucy is not just a stupid dumb girl. Nobody seems to understand that Lucy is very powerful. She isn’t the brightest of the bunch, but she’s NOT stupid. Lucy has had all of her spirits out before (once in the anime, twice in the manga) and that is extremely taxing. They say it’s difficult to summon two at a time, at this point she’s probably the most powerful celestial spirit wizard we know of. She’s also capable of casting Uratio Metria or whatever they call it. Don’t even get me started on how Mashima didn’t want Lisanna to be alive again in the first place.

  • Jaden Uchiha

    no way! Lissana is with Natsu! They should be together…

  • lareine

    I think Natsu x Lucy would work best, but I would like to see how Lisanna x Sting would work out too, you know to see the difference between them. And I’d like to see some more romance between them because in various part of different episode, Natsu said he would save Lucy from certain danger and wouldn’t stop until he saves her. I just don’t get it, when there should be more romance when Lucy’s saved.

  • Akari

    I never thought or that but now that you mention it, they look really cute together, besides it would be nice to have a couple that is not the main characters cuz it will be more interesting

  • Anon

    They would be very cute together, and may it end the shipping wars over Natsu forever because we all know he belongs with Lucy.

  • Anime<3

    Nice theory. I love it! Plus Lisanna needs someone to chase after other than Natsu because I’m a NaLu fan!

    And overall…. the couple is cute and it very possible. I personally Love Sting Too!! And I think he deserves a girl. Plus it will be nice to see a relationship that isn’t based on the MAIN MAIN characters.

    • Bob

      Y are ppl so obsessed with the main main geting together and not a main main and a sub main getting together?

  • Edardo Jude M. Teves

    I like yukino she is too sexy